Sustainability Initiatives

A cleaner future for our community

Here at Needham Bank, we know how important it is to support our communities and protect your future. To us, that doesn’t just mean being there for you financially; it means working towards a cleaner future with initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint and improve the services we provide to you.

Sustainability Initiatives

LED Lamp Replacement and Energy Savings

Through our efforts to make Needham Bank as energy efficient as possible, we partnered with ThinkLite USA, a global lighting efficiency company. The LED technology changes implemented in our buildings is the equivalent to planting 2,680 trees and taking 21 cars off the road per year. We are proud that ThinkLite USA was able to help us reduce our energy consumption and contribute to a sustainable future. Pictured above is Danny Wadhwani and Dinesh Wadhwani of ThinkLite with Joe Campanelli and Jim White of Needham Bank. 

Document Imaging and Electronic Data

Needham Bank works to reduce the amount of paper we use by implementing technological solutions that also help keep your information secure and convenient for you to access. Doing so helps reduce the impact of deforestation on our environment.

Paper Shredding and Recycling

We partner with Shred-It, a document destruction vendor that helps us protect your personal information as well as recycles all shredded documents. According to calculations based on EPA standards, in 2018, Needham Bank’s paper recycling efforts resulted in environmental savings equal to:

  • 21 Barrels of Oil
  • 176 Trees
  • 72,559 Gallons of Water
  • 31 Cubic Yards of Land Fill
  • 41,462 Kilowatts of Energy
  • 2,591 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide