How can I pay my mortgage online?

The easiest way to pay your Needham Bank mortgage is to perform a transfer from your NB Checking account.  You can even set up scheduled recurring transfers to ensure that you won’t miss a payment.

How can I change my personal information (username, password, address, email, etc.)?

After successfully logging in, on a desktop, select the My Settings link at the top right of the screen.  From the mobile app, select More, then Settings, then My Settings.

Why hasn’t my mobile deposit posted to my account?

For the purposes of funds availability, NB Mobile Deposits confirmed on or before 4:00 p.m. on a business day will be posted to your account on that business day.  If you have questions about whether a deposit has been accepted, select the History option at the top of the check deposit screen within your app.  This will show you the status of all checks that have been deposited. 

Can I view images of checks deposited through mobile deposit online?

Yes.  Select the History option at the top of the check deposit screen within your app.  This will show you the status of all checks that have been recently deposited and allow you to view the front and back by just tapping on the item.

How do I reset my password?

After entering your password incorrectly, on a desktop, select the link that says “I can’t access my account.”  Through the mobile app, select the “Forgot Login” link.  Enter a phone number you already have established to receive one-time passcodes for online banking access and your Username.  You will then receive a temporary password at the phone number provided.

How do I know when my payee will get my bill payment?

When scheduling a payment, the time between the “send-on” and “deliver by” dates shown in bill payment will dictate how the payment is sent to the payee.  If there are 2 business days between the send-on and deliver by dates, then the payment was processed electronically.  If there are 5 business days between, then the payment was sent via check to the payee.  To confirm that a payment has been sent, in your bill payment screen, review the “Processed Payment” on the right side of the screen, as payments may not immediately be deducted from your account.

How can I change the account I am depositing into with mobile deposit?

On the mobile deposit screen, simply tap on the “To” box to open a list of all of your accounts eligible to receive deposits via mobile deposit.

Why am I getting a blank screen when accessing External Funds transfers or Popmoney?

Generally this is related to your internet browser’s settings.  Navigate to the internet settings for your browser and ensure that you are allowing sites to save and read cookie data and that you are not blocking third-party cookies.  After making the necessary adjustments, close all your browser windows, then open a fresh one and log into your online banking again.

How do I verify my account for external funds transfer?

If your external financial institution allows online verification, you will be asked to enter your online banking credentials for that institution.  Otherwise, two small trial deposits (of less than $1.00) will be deposited into your account at the external institution.  Once the deposits have been made (2-3 days later), you will need to confirm the amounts by logging into your Needham Bank online banking, access External Funds Transfer, then Settings.  Click on the “Verify” link next to the appropriate account.  You will then be prompted to enter the amounts of the two deposits.  If the amounts are correct, that account will then show as active.

How Do I Use Quicken Direct Connect with Personal Online Banking?

Needham Bank personal accounts use with Quicken’s Direct Connect feature. Click here to learn how to set up your accounts.