Business Overdraft Protection

Forgetting to record a check or debit can happen to anyone, but our Business Overdraft Protection provides options for payment of items when your NB Business Checking account is short of available funds.

Business Overdraft Protection provides coverage for customers with an NB Business Checking account. Borrowing limits from $2,000-$10,000 are available.


  • Apply online in only 5 minutes
  • Receive a decision in 1 business day
  • Quick access to your funds
  • Easily manage your credit line through online banking
  • Monthly payment amount is determined by the outstanding line of credit balance


  • $50.00 annual fee

You can apply for a Business Overdraft Protection online in only 5 minutes. To begin, have your business information ready, including Tax ID Number, NB Checking account number and annual sales. For added convenience, you can save your application at any time to return to it later. Let's get started!

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Don’t have an NB Business Checking account? You can open an account at your local branch or we'll travel to meet you before, during or after business.



What are the benefits of using NB Business Online Banking?

NB Business Online Banking is a great solution to managing your business accounts. It allows you to view account history, include multiple entities within one online profile, transfer funds, initiate wire requests, pay your bills and invoices online, pay your federal taxes online, and download your information into QuickBooks. NB Business Online is customizable to your business needs. We can help you save time and be more efficient.

What do I need to get started with NB Business Online and NB Business Mobile?

To use NB Business Online and Mobile Banking, please visit your local Needham Bank branch to complete a cash management service enrollment form and sign a Business Online Banking Agreement. 

Once you have completed and signed the necessary documents, your application will be sent to our Cash Management team to be processed. You will receive an email with secure attachments containing your Company ID, User ID, temporary password, and User Guide. Please follow the directions in the Welcome emails to retrieve your Welcome letter and User Guide via Needham Bank’s Secure File Transfer service.

How do I connect my QuickBooks or Quicken to Needham Bank with Business Online Banking?

At this time, web connect is the connection available for pulling account history from Business Online Banking into Quicken and QuickBooks. You will need to access the "Downloading Your Transactions" guide for instructions to download the account history activity into a Quicken or QuickBooks file. Then, you will import that file into your preferred program.

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